Metropolitan Hilarion: Church and religious communities are becoming targets for LGBT groups

Metropolitan Hilarion: Church and religious communities are becoming targets for LGBT groups
According to the mass media, one of the UN human rights bodies asked the LGBT groups to report about the main actors criticising the gender ideology and provide examples of public expressions or statements by those who challenge the LGBT rights, especially the religious communities holding traditional views on morality and family.

When asked by the host of “The Church and the World ” TV programme to comment on the news, Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk, chairman of the Moscow Patriarchate’s Department for External Church Relations, expressed hope that Russia would voice its position on the issue. According to Metropolitan Hilarion, the situation unfolding in the West, under the aegis of the United Nations in particular, is what former U.S. President Donald Trump called “witch hunt.”

“Witch hunts were a medieval practice. Back then, women and sometimes men could be executed on suspicion of sorcery and burned on the stake. And nowadays seen as such targets, this time with the view of hunting on the ideological front, are the religious communities saying that the so-called gender ideology is, in fact, a deception, ” the DECR chairman noted.

He reminded his viewers that underlying the gender ideology is a belief that human beings can choose their gender, that gender is not something given by God, not biological identity, but a role which a person may assume and, if desired, change. According to this ideology, if someone was born a man but feels like a woman, it does not require psychological correction; on the contrary, biological gender is what should be “corrected.”

“Based on this is the whole gender reassignment industry,” Metropolitan Hilarion continued, “Among those
involved in this industry are politicians, psychologists, surgeons and various kinds of mass media. This ideology is
being made a norm. And the teaching preached by the majority of Churches, which says that God created man in
His image and likeness, male and female he created them (Gen 1:27) – one of the truths affirmed in the Bible –
turns out to be contradicting this gender ideology.” For this reason, the Churches and religious communities are
becoming targets for the LGBT groups, the archpastor added.

As he also pointed out, at first the LGBT community was fighting for its rights. “Yet, now it is not just fighting for its own rights – it is fighting for total domination in the ideological sphere and for ousting all the otherwise-minded from it,” Metropolitan Hilarion said in conclusion.

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