Metropolitan Hilarion: Patriarch of Constantinople has no flock in Ukraine

Metropolitan Hilarion: Patriarch of Constantinople has no flock in Ukraine
Patriarch of Constantinople has recently stated that he would surely come to Ukraine as ‘his flock is there.’ Yekaterina Gracheva, a host of “The Church and the World” TV programme, asked Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk to give comments on this statement.

The chairman of the Moscow Patriarchate’s Department for External Church Relations underscored: ‘It is unclear what kind of flock in Ukraine Patriarch of Constantinople has. The majority of the Ukrainian Orthodox Christians belong to the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church which is not in communion with him at present. Some people belong to the schismatic structure to which he has granted the so-called autocephaly. If it is an ‘autocephalous church’ fr om viewpoint of the Patriarch of Constantinople, then wh ere is his flock?”

The archpastor also pointed out that the actions of Patriarch of Constantinople in Ukraine have brought neither conciliation nor consolidation to the Ukrainian people. ‘He promised that he would mend the schism by his decisions, but this had not happen, because schism cannot be overcome by the legalization of schism,” the DECR chairman said and added that quite the reverse has happened.

Schismatics have reared their heads and begun attacking churches of the canonical Church, ousting priests and parishioners. Several communities deprived of their churches because of the raiding of schismatics have to worship outside in the cold.

“I believe that if Patriarch Bartholomew comes to Ukraine he would do well to visit such places and see the consequences of his actions, “Metropolitan Hilarion emphasized.

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